Brightup Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Liner Pencil Lip Pen

  • 12 Colors Lipliner for Your Professional Makeup Set
  • Package:1 Piece lip liner pencil
  • The unit price only for 1 piece
  • Highlight the perfect lips,make lips contour more perfect nature
  • Waterproof lip liner pencil,improve lips type details,texture soft and smooth like the silk
  • You can also prevent lipstick, lip gloss spread to the outside of the mouth
  • Application methods:
    a.Firstly determine the upper lip peak and lower lip bottom line,draw short-term with lip liner pencil;
    b.Connect the scheduled short-term,respectively painted lips contour from the outside in;
    c.Within the painted lip liner,can directly use lip liner pen or the same color lipstick to daub evenly from within; 
    d.Close lightly with facial tissue after coating,let lipstick or lip liner tightly coupling with lip skin,not easy to fade.

Product Price: $5.49

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