Brightup Double Head With Automatic Rotating Eyebrow Pencil 5 Color

  • 5 Colors as the pictures
  • Adopt water proof pencil refill, goes on smoothly, the colour can stay all day long. to prevent sweat, rain from smudging.
  • Double headed design, one head is pencil body, other is brow brush, it helps comb disorderly growth brows and make it easier to color.
  • Retractable design, don't need to sharpen your brow pencil again, easy to carry.
  • Warm tips, when using eyebrow pencil, for preventing it from being accidentally broken, its refill should be less than 0.2 Inches.
  • Package Included: 
    1 x Automatic Eyebrow Pencil with an Eyebrow Brush.
  • How to use?
    Step 1, use eyebrow brush to comb eyebrow hair.
    Step 2, rotate out pencil to 2-3 mm.
    Step 3, draw beautiful eyebrow hair (along the direction of eyebrow hair growing).
    Step 4, use eyebrow brush to comb eyebrow hair again, make it more natural.

Product Price: $7.59

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